b'MY PASSIONAs a senior at Newtown High School in Newtown, CT, I had the privilege of helping my school run the very first Jordan Porco Foundation Check In program on January 29, 2020. This experience was like none other: a mental health fair that truly included every student at my school. Working at several booths that day, I was able to see everyone truly engage with the activities at each station. As kids walked through the bustling lobby, they were excited to learn and they were truly mesmerized by the importance of mental health. Check In uplifted the climate at Newtown High School; this proved to be more important than we possibly could have imagined, as less than 2 months later, COVID-19 had me and my peers completing our senior year of high school from behind a computer screen.My passion for mental health and my involvement with the Check In program inspired me to apply to join JPFs Nine out of Ten Ambassadors student advisory committee for the 2020-2021 academic year and my first year of college at Penn. Transitioning to college during the pandemic as a freshman took a toll on my mental health personally. Being able to make connections and find new friends during a normal year is one thing, but doing that all online, over Zoom, or through social media can be very emotionally exhausting. As a young adult, this pandemic has changed my perspective and impacted me in ways that I never thought it could. I have loved being able to be more of an advocate and make small changes through my efforts with the Jordan Porco Foundation. Amid these unprecedented circumstances, we must continue to keep mental health awareness at the forefront of our concerns.- Milan Chand'