b'PROGRAMS Were Making An ImpactDespite the global pandemic creating unprecedented obstacles, FRESH 102 colleges across the country managed to hold Fresh Check Days in 2020. The majority of these took place after March 2020, when COVID-19 forced colleges to close their doors to CHECK large student gatherings and move to a remote learning model. Westfield State University used creativity and innovation to pilot the first ever virtual Fresh Check Day, setting the example DAY for many more to follow. 45 Fresh Check Days took place entirely in the virtual space, while the remaining 57 took place in person, while practicing CDC guidelines for masking, social distancing, and event attendance. Though the pandemic limited participation capacity in a variety of ways, more than 13,000 students in 32 states across the country were impacted by Fresh Check Day in 2020, during a time when mental health messaging may have been more important than ever before.102 FRESH CHECK DAYS IN 202053 in person45 virtual4 hybrid13,527young adultsREACHED THROUGH FRESH CHECK DAYSprior to the impact of COVID-1919 SITES419 sites were licensed in 2020,Signed up for in the U.S., which delayed or halted most implementation plans. WHATSJPF staff worked diligently over4 WHATS NEXTin 2020the summer months to develop supplemental implementationStudent NEXT offerings to better meet theResponseneeds of various remote learning environments. This included a mini-module video and slide deck series to integrate with virtual learning platforms, such as58%Google Classroom. Though most ARE MORE schools were overburdened byPREPAREDthe increased demands of educating students amidst the pandemic, several sites wereable to proceed with virtual or other implementation, impacting an estimated 1000 students 28%no changealready with vital tools for enhancingwas prepared10%no changeprogram resilience in a tumultuous time. didnt help4% somewhat less prepared10 Jordan Porco Foundation 2020 Annual Report'