‘Tis the TikTok #GivingSzn

TikTok was created to bring joy and inspiration to people around the world. That idea has come to life through the creativity of their community, from creators who have brought heartwarming moments and provided comedic relief, to artists whose songs have inspired dance challenges and evoked feelings of happiness to hopefulness.

This year was particularly tough for humanity as a whole but, through it all, the TikTok community came together every day to bring bite-sized moments of sunshine and positivity to the world. It comes as no surprise that today, on Giving Tuesday – a globally recognized day of giving – the TikTok community is kicking off #GivingSzn, a monthlong in-app celebration of generosity and goodwill featuring LIVE programming from creators and non-profit organizations, including fundraisers and community-rallying moments.

Supporting their community in tangible ways

TikTok has always believed they can make a positive impact on the world and they’re committed to playing their part in bringing that vision to life. To kick off #GivingSzn, today they’re announcing a donation of $3 million in funds and $1 million in advertising credits to a diverse group of non-profit organizations that support a range of causes their community cares about. From animal welfare to social justice, world hunger and the environment, TikTok users are passionate about making the world a better place. The funds provided by TikTok will support these organizations, as they raise awareness for their causes and develop educational programs.

Offering the TikTok community a new way to give back

To further support their community in their efforts to use TikTok for good, they’re rolling out NEW donation links in profile, giving users the ability to raise funds for causes and charities they care about directly from their TikTok profiles. Once a donation link is added to a user’s profile, the organization’s name will be featured just below the user’s bio. When the name of the organization is clicked, the user is taken to a screen that allows them to make a donation. Are you a TikTok user? You can now add a donation link to the Jordan Porco Foundation by following these instructions.

The donation link builds upon TikTok’s efforts to help their community use TikTok for good. Earlier this year, they launched TikTok donation stickers to help users fundraise through videos and TikTok LIVE streams. To date, there are nearly 90 non-profit organizations that users can support through TikTok, the Jordan Porco Foundation is one of them!

Spreading the spirit of #GivingSzn

As TikTok embarks on a month of gratitude and generosity, they’re excited to launch programming that not only entertains, but also gives back. #GivingSzn on TikTok connects creators and artists with non-profit organizations, and together they’ll work to raise awareness and fundraise for causes that are important to their community.

Throughout the month, check out the Discover page for the #GivinSzn LIVE programming schedule.

Thank you to all of TikTok’s participating creators, artists, non-profit partners, and to GEICO, TikTok’s official #GivingSzn sponsor, for joining the first TikTok #GivingSzn.

We’re all looking forward to a season of festivities, as we celebrate generosity and support the causes that matter most to you.