In Honor Of, make a gift in honor of an individual or organization that advocates for mental health and suicide prevention, helping to raise awareness in the community.

In Memory Of, honor the life of a loved one lost with a memorial gift to the Jordan Porco Foundation.

If you have questions please contact our office at 860-904-6041 or email


In Memory Of

In Honor Of

Cassandra Lechner

Mr. Coleman Levy

John Cafasso

Rachel Papke

Katie Sullivan Reynolds

Keith & Sheila Boushee

April Brackett

Howard Wasserman

Brenden Mailloux

The Schnirring Family

Lucia Schnirring

In honor of my teenage son who had the courage and strength to reach out for help

Matthew & Meara

Robin Tucker Lapidus

My friend Mark, who cares deeply about promoting mental health for teens

Carla McCall

My son Matthew and Daughter Meara

Bart Goodin and Debbie Kelly

Kate Brownell