Improve the Fitness of your Mental Health with Moodfit

The Jordan Porco Foundation is proud to partner with Moodfit to help you work towards your mental fitness goals. As part of this partnership you can sign up for FREE using the program code that applies to you. Sign up today!

Moodfit is a top-rated app that helps users improve the fitness of their mental health. Moodfit believes that mental health is not simply the absence of mental illness. Instead, just like physical health, it is an important part of one’s overall health in which everyone can benefit from an investment of consistent effort.

Moodfit provides users daily workouts, best-practice based tools like mood and gratitude journaling, breathing exercises, mindfulness meditation and CBT thought records. It also provides users insights into what influences their moods including sleep, nutrition and exercise, and reminders to reinforce positive messages and habits. Moodfit is distributed direct-to-consumer and also through partner organizations like The American Nurses Foundation as part of their Well-being initiative to support the mental health of nurses.

Program Codes

JORDANFAM30 – This code is for anyone. It will give you 30 days of free access to Premium.

JORDANAD30 – This code is for school administrators. It will give 30 days free access to Premium.

JORDANST90 – This code is for middle, high school, and college-age students. It will give 90 days free access to Premium.