I always felt like I had no control over my emotions but I figured as I got older I would grow out of this. I did not and after losing both of my grandmothers during my first year of college, my emotions intensified. My friends and family became concerned but I shrugged it off as grief. When I attended Fresh Check Day at my school sophomore year, I realized that maybe everything wasn’t okay.

After going through the booths and talking to the providers, I realized I needed to talk to someone about all the things that were going on. After talking to a mental health professional, I realized that I suffered from anxiety and at the time was suffering from depression, as well. Without Fresh Check Day, I honestly believe that I would not have sought help. My negative coping mechanisms such as drinking, and partying would’ve gotten worse.

Fresh Check Day literally saved my life! I learned that it is okay to talk about my mental health, but more importantly I learned how to seek help for my emotions. While I am still battling anxiety and depression, I now have healthy ways to cope and talk about them in a positive way.