2021 Is Our Foundation’s 10-Year Anniversary

This February marks ten years since we lost Jordan to suicide. It’s also the ten-year anniversary of the Jordan Porco Foundation. We’re remembering Jordan every day by honoring his adventurous spirit with programming that emanates his energy and light, reaching young adults across the country who need uplifting and support.

Please take a few minutes to watch this video that is both a tribute to Jordan and the lifesaving work that he—and all of you—make possible.

This caring community of support keeps the light of hope shining brightly. It takes a network of family, friends, and coping skills to navigate the unpredictable waves of grief, pain, and loss. Because journeying this path isn’t always easy.

Unfortunately, there’s an increasing number of families living our tragedy—stories told, and retold, in an effort to raise greater awareness on and around the major public health concern of youth suicide. The ongoing reality is that youth are in crisis. The suicide rate for youth has significantly increased in the past decade and colleges, universities, school districts, and community agencies are all sounding the alarm.

Managing the many faces of mental illness, suicide risk, and addiction are daily concerns for educators. Students struggle but continue to mask their feelings in order to meet the perceived demands of our society. They struggle in the midst of the uncertainties of the ongoing pandemic and need primary prevention programs like ours to survive and thrive.

As part of our 10-year anniversary we’ve created a way you can reaffirm your ongoing support of youth and young adult mental health.



We hope you’ll join our new monthly giving member perk program: JPF Infinity. When you donate monthly you give hope infinitely and become a member of our exclusive JPF Infinity community. Every dollar counts, and you can maximize your impact when you give throughout the year in a dollar amount and frequency that works for your budget.

We love our children to infinity. Please give today to ensure they have a tomorrow.

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Thank you for being part of our caring community. Your generosity in giving to our cause creates a message of hope and healing for struggling youth through our lifesaving programs.


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