b'Message From The PresidentDear Friends, Anniversaries are typically a time of celebration and reflection. In 2021, we marked ten years since we started the foundation in memory of Jordan Porco, a vibrant young 18 year old college student, who had a world of opportunities ahead of him. Our anniversary was bittersweet. It reflected on a life lost and the beginning of an awareness initiative that required a lot of faith and determination. Little did we know that our vision and program concept would have been nationally accepted and recognized on campuses across the country. Weve saved lives by sharing our story and ourJPF team continues to demonstrate thesame passion for the work. Their efforts reflect the same care and determination for success that we had during our initial days of discovery. Our world has changed dramatically since 2011, but our hearts are still in it for life.Thank you for your ongoing support during these challenging times. We consider all ofyou partners in our suicide prevention work. We can only continue to ENLIGH10 people and save lives because of your financial support of our programs. You make our progress possible.Marisa Giarnella-Porco, LCSW President, Co-Founder andChief Executive OfficerJordan Porco Foundation 2021 Annual Report 3'