b'PledgeDonate Renew your commitment to our mission,today! When you give monthly, you join our JPF Infinity community and get exclusive member perks!Support UsYou can take action to help save lives by donating, sponsoringand/or attending an event, hosting an event, volunteering, and more. Visit our website at jordanporcofoundation.org/support. Raise AwarenessStart the mental health conversation with your family, friends, and in your community, and help keep it going.Help to Prevent SuicideBe Aware Understand the prevalence of suicideLearn about the warning signs of suicide and resources that can helpLook out for others and pay attention to signs that someone may be struggling Speak UpUse your voice to raise awareness about suicide and suicide preventionChallenge stigma, pay attention to how you talk about mental health and suicide, and educate others when you hear inappropriate jokes or problematic languageTalk about why suicide prevention is important to you Reach OutExpress your concern when youre worried about someone andlet them know that you careConnect others to professionals who can helpAsk for help for yourself when you need itHelp Someone Use what you have learned to help someone in need Jordan Porco Foundation 2021 Annual Report 15'