b'PROGRAMS5 new passionate and dedicated college students joined NINEJPFs Nine out of Ten Ambassadors student advisory committee in 2021. They met once a month with JPF staff, providing invaluable student perspective to JPF organizational OUT OFcampaigns and programmatic decision making. Together, they raised over $3100 in donations to help further the mission of the Jordan Porco Foundation.TENCHECKAfter its initial debut at Newtown High School in January of 2020, just before the pandemic shutdown, the Check In program was finally able to take flight in 2021, with 8 sites bringing the program to their schools and communities. IN Settings included middle schools, high schools, and a community wide Check In scavenger hunt, reaching a totalof 2500 people with important mental health activitiesand messaging.8 SITES SIGNED UPfor Check In in 2021AFTER ATTENDING CHECK IN:83% 78% 78% more aware of more comfortablemore likely to askmental healthtalking aboutfor help if resources mental healthexperiencing and suicide emotional distressJordan Porco Foundation 2021 Annual Report 11'