b'THRIVING 2012-2019Fresh Check Day Yearly Growth By StatesPrior to 2015, CT was the only state to hold Fresh Check Day. In 2019, 42 states plus the District of Columbia held Fresh Check Days! UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA (GA)UGA reached a record setting 1800 students with their innovative design of incorporating Fresh Check Day over 2 days of Freshman Orientation. NEW MEXICO INSTITUTE OF MINING AND TECHNOLOGY (NM)First Fresh Check Day in New Mexico! In addition, joined a growing contingent of tech schools holding Fresh Check Day. KECK GRADUATE INSTITUTE (CA)One of a handful of graduate schools in the Fresh Check Day network, KGI Joined forces with the other 6 Claremont Consortium colleges to combine their Fresh Check Days into 2 large, collaborative events open to all students in the Consortium. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA (FL)University of Florida, just one of nine FL colleges in 2019, reached 500 students with their very first Fresh Check Day. ASNUNTUCK COMMUNITY COLLEGE (CT)Home of Ethan Gregoire, the 2019 Student Mental Health Advocate of the Year recipient and one of the many community colleges that have embraced Fresh Check Day over the years.2019 Student Survey Results78% 86% 83% 82% 81%more aware of warningmore aware ofmore prepared tomore likely to askmore comfortable signs of suicide resources available help a friend for help if in distress talking about suicide'