Nine Out of Ten

Nine out of Ten Ambassadors

Inspired by the statistic that about 1 in 10 college students contemplates suicide, Nine out of Ten empowers college students to be a hopeful voice for suicide prevention. Each year, the Jordan Porco Foundation will select nine dedicated college students from across the US to serve as a rotating student advisory committee.

Ambassadors play an integral role at JPF, providing the student perspective to organizational campaigns and programmatic decision making. Ambassadors exhibit strong leadership skills, unique insight, and passion and dedication to mental health awareness and suicide prevention. As extensions of the Foundation, they act as JPF brand and message ambassadors on their campuses. Through student-led innovation, community and campus collaboration, and peer messaging, Nine out of Ten Ambassadors contribute to carrying out JPF’s mission of preventing suicide, promoting mental health, and creating a message of hope for young adults. In doing so, Ambassadors spread the message of Nine out of Ten on their campuses and in the greater community: Be Aware. Speak Up. Reach out Out. #Helpsomeone.

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